Friday, January 13, 2012

Everything happens for Reason

Where are we?


Delicious drink! *forgot the name* lol

 Yess! we are in  Pancious Pancake House
I went with my my friends, Angel, Elena and Chika.  
I had a long of fun day with them. 
Now, let the pictures tell the story ;)

How happy we are!!
Let's eat!!!!!!!

They said i have a "chucky doll" face. What the hell . -___________-

Aftre done with those delicious pancakes, we still enjoy the mall with taking a picture everywhereeeee. 

i know i'm the shortest one! *sigh*

Pictures of me haha. Narsism!

i'm not sure i did these crazy and silly pose! it might be someone else do. #blame self ! hahahha :b

and that's it! see ya on the next post.

P.S: here my lookbook for that day, please click the hype button if you like it.
thankyou :)

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