Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Dress

Yesterday was my cousin day!! yess, she got married. and she asked me to be her bridesmaid, and i did it.
here my face after the make up, hahah . i don't know who that girl . Really Different,right?! LOL. ;p

look my eyebrow new look!! i don't really like it honestly

and this is what i wore that day :
Lovely dress, huh? ;)


the detail
my new lacey shoes!!

and TADAAAAAAAAAAA, here's the result! sorry for the bad quality photos, only taken by my blackberry phone . so sad :'(

i really love that dress, from the first time i saw it, (so romantic, hahaha  ;p) it's actually not for the bridesmaid's dress, it's for a  prewedding photoshoot. but the owner of bridal borrowed it for me!! Yeeyyy! how lucky i am! The bridal name's RITZ TAIPEI. located on Metrobroadway, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. Big Thanks to the lovely and pretty owner! <3
don't forget to hype me :)

and listen for this lovely Korean song : "Wedding Dress - Taeyang" 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dancing in The Dark

England Cropped Top, from Mr.Freddy

I got this Top from my aunt. because she knew that i really love that top and didn't have any time to go shopping. So she decided to give it as my birthday gift.

Don't forget to hype my looks :)


The End of B-Day

09.11.2011, 8.35 P.M.

My very bestfriends came to my house to give me their lovely present! (thankyou dear, i really like it :D)

The Little Things she need's shoes :D

After that. like people do as usual , TOOK PHOTOSSSSS!
My Best Friends "Euaggelion"
me, verani, chau-chau,chia-chia.and ching-ching.

Really like this photos, thanks my brother Meus Chia

Taddaaaa!!!!!!!! Blackberry Addict!
  Ohya, I had another gift from my aunt, i will post it later. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Ester !!

Yes, today it's my birthday. (yeeeyyy!! :D) i got many birthday wishes from my friends. 1 of their wishes is "semoga tambah tinggi" (mean : hope you get taller) hahaha. I have small body and not taller enough, aka SHORT. alright forget it. So, i got nothing photoshoot to my birthday today (maybe) . But, i tell you a little about my 17th birthday . :)

A year ago when my 17th birthday (now, i'm 18). I stil remember i was in the bus waiting for the one way traffic on my way home from retreat. oh, wth i thought. 11 hours in bus and my phone was out of battery! you know my feeling, right. But when i arrived at home. I went to my bedroom and i saw birthday cake and balloon there. and i got a message too. here :
oke! i know i have mistake with the title . ahhaha . it must be "Their Message and Wishes"
I was too lazy to translate that ;p

 So, It was already 11 something P.M. i send text message to the to told them that  i'm so  happy and thankful with them. And Suddenly they came to my house to celebrate my day. not too long  

and a day after, i told my brother to take my photos wiht their ballon, and here they are : 

i have no idea why it so grainny,

my stupid face while the photoshoot. hahaha

Thankyou !!!!