Friday, November 25, 2011

'cause I'm just Antoher Girl

Today, i don't have anything to do. So, i asked my brother to take a picture of me. 
And, here's the result! Hope you'll like it :)

new envelope clutch!
BONUS! The silly face and pose. LOL

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Friday, November 18, 2011

To Anyone Part 2

Alright, after the post about 2NE1.
I decided to make a post about my new look based on 2NE1 's style "uniqe and colorful" .  
Although, ehemm this is not so unique, but quite colorful right? Hahaha ;p


OMG! Please ignore my silly face! *blush*
My mom knitted this "rainbow"cape for me. 
I like it so much! yeayyyy~
Honestly, i really want to learn knitting from her. But, never do it. lol :p

Don't you notice that i change my hair colour into red?*just a little red, not like Rihanna's*!! hahaha.
yeah, im in love with red currently.
don't you? ;p

is it serious enough, huh? ;p


my new belt!! yeahhh~

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"I Don't Care" music video from 2NE1

To Anyone

Fiuh~ I'm back again after 2 months not dropped any post!
Finally, i can!!! wohoo.
I'm very excited right now. I don't have any idea with those problems, it made me frustrated . 

I feel so sorry for the comments that i don't reply.
Not because i don't want to reply it, but because of those "crazy" problems with log in into blogger.
So sorry :(

 So, let's begin to write the post :)

Recently, i fall in love with Korea's girl bands.
Ooh you know, actually I'm not the type of those girls who like anything about Korea.
But what the hell, 2NE1 did! I love them! 

( read: To Anyone )
Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, and Minzy

 Look their unique style! don't you like it? ;)


Look their shoes!! Adidassss!!

their ad for jeans

 I love them, not only because their style. But also, their songs and their vocals. 

My favorite vocalist is Sandara Park! She has a great sweet and uniqe voice. Not only the voice, like i said her style also make her different from the other members. Hemmm she's actually not Korean, she's Philippine! Woo the country must proud of her ;)

Sandara Park

Lonely, is one of my favorite songs from 2NE1. You'll be like it, if you ever listen for it!

* all picture and video are taken from Google and YouTube *

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Dress

Yesterday was my cousin day!! yess, she got married. and she asked me to be her bridesmaid, and i did it.
here my face after the make up, hahah . i don't know who that girl . Really Different,right?! LOL. ;p

look my eyebrow new look!! i don't really like it honestly

and this is what i wore that day :
Lovely dress, huh? ;)


the detail
my new lacey shoes!!

and TADAAAAAAAAAAA, here's the result! sorry for the bad quality photos, only taken by my blackberry phone . so sad :'(

i really love that dress, from the first time i saw it, (so romantic, hahaha  ;p) it's actually not for the bridesmaid's dress, it's for a  prewedding photoshoot. but the owner of bridal borrowed it for me!! Yeeyyy! how lucky i am! The bridal name's RITZ TAIPEI. located on Metrobroadway, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. Big Thanks to the lovely and pretty owner! <3
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and listen for this lovely Korean song : "Wedding Dress - Taeyang" 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dancing in The Dark

England Cropped Top, from Mr.Freddy

I got this Top from my aunt. because she knew that i really love that top and didn't have any time to go shopping. So she decided to give it as my birthday gift.

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The End of B-Day

09.11.2011, 8.35 P.M.

My very bestfriends came to my house to give me their lovely present! (thankyou dear, i really like it :D)

The Little Things she need's shoes :D

After that. like people do as usual , TOOK PHOTOSSSSS!
My Best Friends "Euaggelion"
me, verani, chau-chau,chia-chia.and ching-ching.

Really like this photos, thanks my brother Meus Chia

Taddaaaa!!!!!!!! Blackberry Addict!
  Ohya, I had another gift from my aunt, i will post it later. :)